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Get Rid of that Graffiti!

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of the Essex Street Gateway Community Mural. Audio tour of the mural can be found from the linked article above. Photo of the Essex Street Gateway Community Mural. This mural is a love letter to Haverhill, depicting many famous faces with ties to the community.

All around New England, many metropolises are beautifying their streets and cityscapes with street art. In fact, this kind of artwork has become so popular that some cities even commission street artists to create stunning murals with meaningful messages; for instance, Haverhill’s Essex Street Gateway Mural. Obviously, this kind of art does not require commercial cleaning services in MA.  

On the other hand, a few non-commissioned “artists” specialize in making messes -- literally -- and spread their words wherever they find space, whether that’s across highway overpasses, along public pathways or, worst case, against the sides of your commercial property. 

Graffiti is not a good look for a business or brand. That’s why we offer graffiti cleanup as one of our commercial cleaning services. Think your community is immune to graffiti or vandalism of any kind?

Think again. Or better yet, just ask the residents of Groton. 

Recently, various locations around the city, including the Groton Country Club, were defaced with graffiti, resulting in an investigation due to its sensitive nature. 

Certainly, messaging like this needs to be removed immediately. That’s where your SERVPRO MA team is standing by with the expertise to erase any content that you would rather not feature on your commercial building. 

Contact your local SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport team for all your commercial cleaning and restoration needs. 

Storm Preparedness 101: A Plan for Pets

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of dog at computer. Pets are part of the family, make sure you have a plan for them in case of an emergency.

Storms can be stressful events, which is all the more reason why pet owners need to think ahead and put a plan in place for their pets while the skies are still calm.  Before you’re faced with a storm warning, SERVPRO of Haverhill wants you to take the time to check off the following storm safety tips for your pets. Your four-legged family members will thank you! 

  1. Avoid an Identity Crisis

    1. In the event that you are separated from your pet during a storm or other natural disaster, you want to make sure that your pet can be property identified. While microchips are fantastic, the fact is, an average person who happens to find your pet won’t be able to scan one. That’s why a tried and true old-fashioned pet ID tag is important. Pro-tip: Include your cell phone number on the tag so that you can be easily reached. 
  2. Evacuation Includes Everyone

    1. Here’s the thing: if a storm is bad enough that you’re advised to evacuate, the same goes for your pet(s). That’s why knowing where to find pet-friendly lodging ahead of time is crucial. Check out sites like for recommendations and reviews of pet-friendly accommodations in your area. 
  3. Staying Home? Safety First. 

    1. If you haven’t been evacuated and are facing a run of the mill, but still potentially damaging storm, it’s a good idea to ensure safe surroundings for you and your pets at home. This involves bringing pets inside and, if necessary, securing cats in carriers and putting dogs on leashes. Crates are great safe spaces to keep your pets enclosed and supplied with adequate food and water.
  4. Make Sure Medications are Within Reach

    1. Keep all pet medications in reach, just as you would other emergency supplies like flashlights, candles, blankets, as well as extra rations of food and water for pets and people alike! 

When storms are in the forecast, you can feel confident knowing that SERVPRO Haverhill/Newburyport is on hand to take care of any remediation, especially water removal, that you might need to get back to life and business as you know it. Contact us for water damage and storm remediation you can trust.

Insidious Igniters: The Less Famous Fire Starters in Your Home

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of mattress and pillow with burn spots from a laptop that caught fire. This mattress and pillow caught fire as the result of a laptop left charging while not properly ventilated. Photo from the Falmouth MA Patch.

When you think about the cause of a house fire requiring fire restoration service, you might imagine an open, unattended flame, like a candle or even a lit cigarette. Items left too long on the stove -- like hotdogs -- can be another common culprit, similar to faulty electrical wiring. 

However, there are other lesser known, but equally dangerous, fire threats that you should know about.

Here are three to take seriously:

  1. Dishwashers

    1. Most of us don’t like to think about life without a dishwasher. While we might associate kitchen fires with cooking left on the stove or oven for too long, the fact is your dishwasher can also cause a fire, if it’s in poor condition. Older dishwashers have the potential to leak water onto the mechanism’s wiring, which could spark a fire. If this happens when you’re not home, you can imagine how quickly something as seemingly insignificant as a small leak can suddenly result in disaster. 
  2. Dust bunnies

    1. Such a cute name for something that is actually rather gross, dust that collects around electronics or power outlets can actually ignite if they encounter a spark. Just another reason to get your kids to clean under their beds!
  3. Laptops and personal devices

    1. Speaking of kids, with the amount of time so many spend on screens -- especially with remote learning still in full swing across the country -- it’s fair to say that laptops and other electronic devices like iPads and Kindles are working overtime. When that happens, the machines heat up and can cause a fire if left on a bed or couch, especially while still plugged in. Best to leave a laptop on a desk or countertop after use so that it cools properly before possibly encountering any flammable surface. 

Even the best fire prevention doesn’t necessarily guarantee total protection from fire. Like any other accident, fire happens. In that case, our team of fire damage recovery experts at SERVPRO Haverhill/Newburyport is standing by to handle any cleaning, remediation or restoration required to return your home to its former glory

Does Water Damage ________?

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of hardwood floor damage from water. An example of how water can damage hardwood flooring.

Some of the most common questions we get asked is if water will damage this, that, or the other thing. To help answer your questions once and for all, we’re calling in an expert; our very own Key Accounts Manager Nury Cardoza! As a former production technician, crew chief, and estimator, Nury has over 20 years of real-world industry knowledge, including how water damages various materials. Here’s a summary of what she had to say:

Can water damage concrete?

Not really. If the water is running constantly over it, it can start to erode but it won’t get damaged just from a flood.

Will water damage leather?

Yes! Mold will also grow really fast on leather because it is a good source of food, and the mold will eat it.

Does water damage suede?

Yes, similar to leather, suede (and many other fabrics) is a great source of food for mold, which means the mold will spread rather quickly on suede surfaces.

Will water damage hardwood floors?

Oh yes! The wood will suck up the water, causing it to swell and buckle. I remember a job where a woman was on vacation in Florida, and something burst while she was away. When she got home, she couldn’t even open her door because her [beautiful hardwood] floors had buckled so badly.

Can water damage laminate flooring?

Yes, water can get trapped between the laminate and whatever is underneath it, and the water won’t dry which can cause mold.

Will water damage plywood?

Yes. If plywood is exposed to water frequently or for long periods of time it can begin to swell and warp. It is also another big source of mold.

L’Arche Boston North’s The Longest Table Clean-Up Crew

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

Collage of photos taken at the event. A collection of photos taken before, during, and after the event.

If your workday ended at 5pm but were asked to volunteer to return to work at 8:30pm to clean-up a street after an event you didn’t attend, what would your answer be? Or, how about at a country club during a tropical storm? Most people would give that a hard pass. And who could blame them?

Not the employees at SERVPRO of Haverhill/Newburyport. Office Manager, Linda Rousseau, Key Account Manager, Nury Cardoza, and Marketing Support Coordinator, Stephanie Maglio all came out of their comfortable, dry homes to clean up after L’Arche Boston North’s The Longest Table event held at Bradford Country Club on August 19th. Technician Robert Eveleth headed there after servicing a water damage. And owner Michelle Lavigne, along with Sales & Marketing Manager, Jodi Feil, switched from attendees of the event to clean-up crew. The whole group tackled the job with enthusiasm and humor, with an unspoken commitment to making the venue sparkle.

It’s this team spirit and dedication to the communities we service that makes SERVPRO a different kind of restoration company. It would be hard to find another group of people that are so willing to go the extra mile for each other, and for their customers.


How to Strengthen Your Home from a Thunderstorm

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Severe thunder and lightning storms can happen any time of year here in New England, and even in winter when “thundersnow” occurs regularly. Depending on how you feel about storms, you’ll find these storms soothing; consider them just background noise; or be rattled by every boom and beam of light piercing the sky, convinced they’re going to hit your house. 

Yes, that last bit is a possibility. Severe thunderstorms can indeed cause storm damage to a home, with strong winds taking out tree limbs that hit your home or a bolt of lightning causing a fire. 

What can you do to prepare your home and family for severe thunder and lightning storms? 

  • Have an emergency plan ready in case of a storm or any other disaster. 
  • Cut down or trim back the branches of trees that may be in danger of falling on your home in the case of strong winds or a microburst. 
  • Invest in devices to protect your home and electronics from a fire caused by lightning, such as surge protectors and lightning rods. You may also want to look into a lightning protection system for gas piping. 

During a severe thunderstorm, you should avoid using any electronics that are connected to an electrical outlet and avoid using running water. 

If you discover damage to your home after a storm, give us a call anytime. We have a team of highly trained professionals on call 24/7 ready to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Get Your Hospital Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO professional using electrostatic sprayer to clean Our team of trained professionals have access to a wide variety of tools and knowledge to deep clean your hospital.

A clean hospital or healthcare facility can quite seriously mean the difference between life and death for your patients and workers alike. We know that you know this and have policies and procedures in place for cleaning and disinfecting, including how to handle discarded hypodermic needles and any fluids from procedures or sick patients. 

Even with the cleaning you already do, is your hospital at the highest standard of clean considering the pandemic and the potential issues you deal with every day? 

Here at SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport, we offer “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned,” which is our proactive viral pathogen deep cleaning. This level of cleaning goes beyond standard janitorial and carpet cleaning thanks to over 50 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation and decontamination. 

What’s involved in Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned for your hospital cleaning? We focus on the three C’s:

  • Consult: Not all healthcare facilities are the same, so your cleaning program shouldn’t be the same as any other. We’ll consult with you to create a unique hospital cleaning program based on the unique aspects of your facility. 
  • Clean: Based on the agreed upon program, our service professionals will start your hospital deep clean using our proprietary EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions. Keep in mind that we adhere to the leading level of cleaning and decontamination standards set by the CDC.
  • Certify: Your hospital or healthcare facility will be known for being Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned by the shield we will give you for your front window. Along with digital emblems and other collateral, this beacon represents your commitment to the comfort and security of their employees, patients, and community.

Are you looking for a company to deep clean your hospital? Reach out to the Massachusetts commercial cleaning experts at SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport. We have state of the art technology that will help your hospital or healthcare facility be at the highest level of clean.

Puffback. What is It and What to Do?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

When you see the term “puffback”, you might think it was a breed of a pufferfish. If only.

So, what is a puffback? The term refers to a messy, and dangerous, explosion in the burner chamber of your home heating furnace or boiler. When the burner backfires, it sends soot throughout your home. 

The soot can be expelled all at once, quickly covering your walls, carpets, and furniture. Or it can leak out soot particles gradually, perhaps causing you to think dirt was tracked into your home somehow. 

Most puffbacks occur in oil heating systems, which result in the soot. However, when a puffback occurs in a gas heating system, the explosion in the burner is bigger and dangerous, and could cause a fire and resulting fire damage. 

How can you prevent a puffback? The best way is to have your home heating system professionally inspected and cleaned once a year. 

What should you do if a puffback happens in your home, spreading soot everywhere? Hire a certified and trained Massachusetts fire damage restoration professional, who will pretest your surfaces to determine the extent of soot damage, and then use the specific equipment and cleaning products required for soot on the surfaces of your home. 

Depending on the amount of soot, your fire damage restoration professional may be able to reduce your recovery costs by cleaning lighter soot deposits found on some surfaces, which eliminates your expenses incurred with repainting or refinishing. If the soot level is too deep, they will clean to prepare for painting, which deodorizes the surface and ensures the new paint will adhere properly.

Hear what one of our happy customers had to say after their puffback event:

“When my furnace caused soot to cover my house I was seriously depressed. I called SERVPRO. Brian came out, surveyed the damage and said ‘no problem’. He would deal with the insurance company directly and have a crew out in the next two days. Nury and Gabriel arrived in the morning, and said not to worry, they would take care of everything. Starting in the basement they worked their way to the second floor cleaning everything in sight, from walls and ceilings, to countertops and floors. I went from a state of despair to one of joy. They sure exemplify their motto "Like it never even happened."

If you’re dealing with soot from a puffback, contact our fire damage recovery experts at SERVPRO Haverhill / Newburyport. We’ll come out and assess your soot damage along with any remediation, cleaning, or restoration that needs to be done to your home.

Help Clients Pass Home Inspections

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

Your real estate company’s clients hired you to sell their home because they trust you. One way to keep that trust and to be the realtor they recommend to others is to ensure their home sells quickly and easily. Now, you can’t guarantee what the housing market will be on any given day, but you CAN make the process easy by offering advice on how their home can pass a home inspection. 

Typically, the buyers of a home hire a home inspector after they’ve signed the offer to purchase contract, but before the purchase and sales agreement, and the contract will include that they can back out if the home inspection finds anything faulty. The home inspector will thoroughly inspect all aspects of the home, from the walls and flooring to the roof; electrical system; plumbing; heating, and more. 

The home inspector isn’t there to point out little knicks in the paint. Instead, their job is to find anything in the home that will be an issue soon or down the road, like a water stain on the ceiling that shows potential water damage or faulty wiring that could lead to a fire. 

No one (neither the buyer nor the seller) wants a surprise during the home inspection, so it’s in your client’s best interests to have their home assessed before their home even goes on the market. Help them have the best home inspection possible by recommending that they have a trusted cleanup and restoration company inspect their home and provide an assessment of any work that needs to be done. 

Your clients can also hire a Massachusetts cleaning company to thoroughly clean their home for the best appearance at their open house. 

Here at SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport, we can assess your real estate client’s home from top to bottom; remediate any issues that are found; and provide peace of mind for their home inspection before they move onto their next home.

Why a Fast Response Matters for Fire Damage

7/25/2021 (Permalink)

After a house fire has been put out, and everyone is safe, your next priority is to get your house and life back to normal. You might think that you have time to deal with fire damage, and smoke or soot aroma or residue, but the quicker you take action, the less money you’ll spend. 

Why? Emergency fire damage mitigation services help you minimize your property damage, and can mean the difference between restoring your home furnishings or items to their preloss condition and having to replace your furnishings or even rebuilding your home. 

In fact, the faster that a Massachusetts fire damage restoration expert arrives on-site at your home to perform your fire damage cleanup and restoration, the better the results for you, including lower insurance claim costs. 

At SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport, we pride ourselves in our fast response time. When you reach out to notify us of your fire damage, within just one hour, one of our SERVPRO franchise professionals will contact you to arrange for service. Plus, within four hours of that notification, we will be on-site to start fire, smoke, and soot restoration services, which can include:

  • Structural cleaning
  • Contents cleaning
  • Deodorization

See what our happy customers say about their fire damage mitigation experiences with SERVPRO, including this one from Matt W. in Merrimac:

“I had an unfortunate smoke issue in my home.  Pat, Ross, and crew came in and cleaned the whole house. They did an awesome job and finished in less time then they told me it was going to take. We were able to get back into the house with minimal interruption.”

Here at SERVPRO of Haverhill / Newburyport, we are professionally trained in fire restoration and can assess your fire damage both safely and effectively with our over 140,000 pieces of cleaning and restoration equipment.