Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Cleaning Services and Odor Removal

Did you know that we offer residential cleaning services? Sometimes you need more than a general cleaning, and our expert team here at SERVPRO Haverhill/Newbury... READ MORE

Mold Found After Water Damage

When a significant water damage occurs, a large amount of drywall needs to be removed above the water line to eliminate the risk of mold growth. As is often the... READ MORE

Water Damage in Haverhill, MA Art Center

Water damage can be relentless and wreak havoc to the structure and contents of any building. Older buildings are especially vulnerable due to old plumbing, and... READ MORE

Soot Cleanup in Ipswich, MA

These before & after photos each illustrate the soot removal as the cleaning process begins. Often times, the soot falls in a thin, even layer and is hard t... READ MORE

Ipswich Puff Back

When a furnace malfunctions, it can produce what's called a "puff back." This occurs when soot is pushed back through the system and "puffs" into your home thro... READ MORE

Water Damage Overwhelms School

After a pipe burst in a second floor bathroom, thousands of gallons of water rushed through classrooms, hallways and right out the front door. Even the main lob... READ MORE

Mold in Your Freezer?!

Mold can grow just about anywhereLike most people, you may have thought mold needed a dark, damp place to grow and in most cases, that's correct. However, as ev... READ MORE

Buckled Floors After Water Damage

Wood flooring and water are not friends, as evidenced in these before & after photos. This Ipswich homeowner suffered water damage while away on a 2 week va... READ MORE

Basement Mold in Boxford

What's in Your Basement?Paneling that is incorrectly attached to drywall or cement is the perfect breeding ground for mold. As seen here, the black mold&nb... READ MORE

Mold Spreads in Newburyport Home

Mold Spreads AggressivelyIn this before & after example, you'll see the extensive amount of mold that's existing on the basement walls of this Newburyport h... READ MORE